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Jodie Bordeaux: Expectant Mother Gunned Down In 1997 [Unresolved Murder]

Right on the edge of the Kickapoo Reservation in Powhattan, KS lived Jodie Bordeaux and her husband Shawn. She was twenty-eight and had met Shawn in Nebraska while he was attending university there. They were married in South Dakota on October 7, 1995. The wedding wasn't even over when some of Shawn's family members offered him and his brand new bride a job opportunity that would have them relocating to Kansas.
The Golden Eagle was a newly opened tribal casino that would bring jobs to the people and raise millions for the local tribe. Shawn, who was part-Lakota, was hired to be the marketing director. Jodie, who was not Native American, was offered a position working there as well and she soon made her way up to the supervisor of the slot department. This meant that she was in charge of a lot of hiring and firing, though one source stated that any decisions made were passed through a management board of actual tribal members first.
Of course, this led to some resentment. These were jobs that were high in demand and two leadership roles were taken by people who weren't local and not of the tribe. Add to that the fact that one of them, Jodie, was responsible for reprimanding people who weren't performing up to standards and there was the potential for volatile situations.
In particular, there was one man who she kept having to write up due to tardiness and a bad attitude. The man kept causing more problems and eventually he was put on probation by the management board and fired. Except, he didn't go quietly. Once he was let go, he filed a grievance with the tribal council against Jodie. After review, it was revealed that she had been an hour late to work for a whole week due to fertility treatments that she was taking in another town. While her husband stated that she made up all the time she missed, she was still let go from her position due to the compliant.
But Jodie and Shawn still had a lot to look forward to. After two miscarriage and the fertility treatments, Jodie was pregnant and they were expecting their first child, a baby girl. Jodie was also petitioning the council to get her job back and there were rumors that it was going well.
It was around this time that Jodie started to experience strange calls late at night. The phone would ring, but when she would answer it, she would get hung up. She told her mother about the calls and that they would "go on and on" and the mother said that she was frightened by them. She also reported to her husband that she thought she heard someone around the house one night while he was at work, but he assumed that it was just a raccoon.
On November 21st, 1997, a few days after doing some shopping for their baby, Jodie and Shawn were sitting on their couch watching TV. They had been discussing their bills when Shawn heard a pop right over his head. Neither he or Jodie knew what was going on. They went separate ways. He ran to the kitchen, Jodie went to the bedroom. In the kitchen the dogs were spinning in circles, panicking, and Shawn went back towards the living room. Towards where Jodie had ran.
He saw her feet in the doorway of the bedroom. She had been shot above the eyebrow on the left side and he knew that she was already dead. Shawn did the only thing he could think of. He grabbed a tube sock that way nearby and rested it over the bullet hole, trying to stop the blood, and then called 9-1-1 in the hopes that he could save their baby.
According to a quoted portion of an article that is no longer available (a lot of the articles are no longer available), Shawn had a hard time getting the ambulance to realize where they were and they didn't arrive until fifteen minutes after the call was placed, even though they were right down the road, and that time wasted combined with the time to the hospital meant that there was no way the baby could be saved.
Jodie Bordeaux and baby Jordan Shay were buried together in Lincoln, Nebraska where Jodie's family was from. After losing his wife and child, Shawn moved back to South Dakota where as of 2015 he lives on the Rosebud Reservation and serves as a state representative. He is not suspected of having anything to do with his wife's death and has been cleared.
Brown County police handled the case with help from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Shawn tried to get the FBI involved (since the reservation is federal land), but even though the tribe considered his house to be a part of the reservation, new boundaries at the time meant that it was technically right outside of it.
It is believed that the murder was possibly revenge upon Jodie for firing someone from the casino, perhaps the troublesome employee, and it is believed that there might have been more than one person possibly involved. An inquest did take place and people who were believed to be involved were interviewed. It looks like the police have it narrowed down to three suspects at the moment, but have not had much luck getting people who may know what happened to talk. Law enforcement believe this is due to the (well earned) mistrust that many Native Americans hold for local law enforcement.
This case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 2001. A Kickapoo tribal chairperson who served at the time, Nancy Bear, appeared on the show and asked people who knew anything to come forward. Several people on the tribe have been reported as saying they know who did it, but they are too scared to come forward. The gun used in the murders has never been found and though the police do believe they have a possible motive, it has never been proven.
The article I sourced most of this from came out in 2015 and that seems to be the last mention of it. I decided to post because it was such a tragic case that seems to have been mostly forgotten.
Unfortunately, this is one of those cases that may continue to be unresolved while there are many people who know exactly what happened.
Article from 2015
Summary on
KBI page
Indian Country Today*
*Note for some reason this article shows a 2018 date but it was actually written in 2001, hence mentioning Unsolved Mysteries shooting.
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I am a Sicangu Sioux student that lives on a reservation in South Dakota, and I am a white teacher that lives amongst the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, ask us anything.

Before you ask us anything, here is some background:
Hello everyone. I am a college student on a reservation in South Dakota and would like to dispel any stereotypes out there on Native Americans through this AMA. Also, I would like to take questions on mascots, casinos, alcoholism, etc. I am Lakota and enrolled in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe but I also have relatives on the Pine Ridge Reservation and have lived on both. I was raised traditionally meaning as a kid I was taken to a lot of my tribes traditional ceremonies. Also I was told traditional stories. I know all the obstacles the youth face as I have faced many in my time. I know the history very well also and how it ties into today's perils. I'm am glad to be working with a friend on this and answer questions.
Hi everybody. We wanted to do this AMA for a lot of reasons, most of all to clear up some stereotypes and confusion about Native American reservations today. I am a teacher in a very, very poor area in New Mexico. I’m not going to be too specific because I don’t want people knowing my exact location, but I will submit proof to the mods. Just be a little more clear, I live in one of the largest Navajo populated areas in the world.
I would like to add my experiences and perspectives on working with mainly Native people, especially since I didn’t grow up around here. Basically, I moved out here when I was 16, lived on the reservation for several years (with my family and with an ex-boyfriend), and ended up getting a teaching degree here. However, I know so much about the traditions of Navajo people through direct experience.
Just so you know, we will submit proof to the mods, when we know what constitutes proof! Just give us a few moments on that.
And one more thing, we are friends who met in New Mexico! I (molasses9) live in New Mexico and he (seven1890) lives in South Dakota currently.
Please, please ask us anything, and I mean anything.
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Soveriegn Earthquakes

This might sound absurd, but I will say it any way.
I am in the middle of sleeping and my dream consisted of deep discussion over sovereign practices of Africans finding ways in which to generate revenue and share it among indigenous people. The model that was being discussed was generating community revenue from casinos like American Indians. I interject in this discussion "that is a flawed and misguided approach. You should first go live on a real reservation where poverty is an issue instead of casino stipends where excess net is distributed to tribes. This wont improve the lives of everyone. Study Pine Ridge, or Rosebud, hell study tribe in Oklahoma and I promise you will rethink casino revenues are a stable method to alleviate issues in your community and peoples on a large scale." Then a legal debate continued growing out of new global methods being tried in court systems. As I was listening to the debate I was falling asleep in my own dream. As I was falling asleep in my cerebral state within REM a nuclear bomb emergency started going off, as I opened my eyes in my dream I was going to roar "WTF."
To wake up hearing "beep beep, Machine-des beep beep, machine-des beep beep" my cell phone is sending a Japanese National alert. This is usually reserved for larger potentially destructive earthquakes. Ripples of vibration are swaying the apartment in a way that I have never felt before. Only to find out it was a close 4.9 earthquake.
Now I lay here thinking whoah nature is awesome and who wants to hear a man who has vivid dreams of sovereign issues of economic models based off of other countries? Maybe this dreaming is what is like to really manifest being called an indiginerd (indigenous nerd).
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Americans are Awesome .. my trip to Trump International Las Vegas

Americans are Awesome .. my trip to Trump International Las Vegas
Driving from Ontario Canada to Las Vegas.Blizzard in Sioux Falls .. roads closed .. forced to cancel reservation.Next day SUV broke down in Rosebud .. the worst day to break down. Charged battery at gas station beside Rosebud Casino .. lost $400 while battery charging. Limped my way to Valentine and stayed in Comfort Inn .. very friendly staff. Monday ran across the street to an Auto Parts store where the counter person spent a half hour tracking down an alternator .. no luck so he ordered one. It arrived 8 am the next morning. Amazing how helpful everyone was. I installed the alternator and rebooked my room at Trumps Hotel.Drove and Drove until I hit a blizzard in Denver .. scary scary moments on the road, they really should have shut down the highway. Lucky to get a hotel room. Next morning made it to my Golden Palace the Trump International Las Vegas. Wow .... nice place and everyone is so nice. Losing my shirt in the casinos but what a trip. American are far nicer then Canadians, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. MAGA.
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Grand Entry @ Rosebud casino powwow 2013 Take Me Away - Sugar Funeral Ceremony at Rosebud 'We Live to Survive': One Week with Lakota (Part 2) - YouTube The Ghetto Rez Life - YouTube Lakota & Native Resistance March with Deep Green ... Rosebud Pow-wow - Grand entry - 2014 Rosebud Sioux Tribe pow-wow - grand entry 2016 Womens backup singing contest (Rosbud Casino Powwow 2006 ... CALLIN TO THE WINDS - THE KILLS PLENTY BROS BAND FROM THE ROSEBUD INDIAN RESERVATION

Given the perks of free gaming coupons, complimentary internet and breakfast on the house, Quality Inn Rosebud Casino seems like a pretty solid bet for guests looking for value-adds and entertainment. This two-floor, 60-room hotel is connected to one of the area's top draws — Rosebud Casino, open 24/7. Hotel guests have the upper hand with complimentary gaming coupons. You can bet rooms ... Rosebud Casino details page: This casino is a tribal casino and can be found in Valentine, Nebraska. Rosebud Casino features 250 slots for your entertainment. WCD also books casino hotel reservations in Valentine. You will also find pictures of Rosebud Casino or see the latest news headlines about Rosebud Casino on this page. There is also a forum all about Rosebud Casino. Rosebud Casino 30421 Us Hwy 83 Valentine, NE 69201 Hotel: Phone: (605) 653-3489 Fax: (605) 378-3367 Rental Facilities: (605) 653-3438 Fax: (605)378-3970 5 reviews of Rosebud Casino "Been here a few times. Food is hit or miss. Unfortunately, it was a HUGE miss when I last came here for the buffet. The prime rib was delicious but everything else was overcooked or BURNT. Burnt ravioli. How do you burn ravioli? Hard as a rock. And about as flavorful. Burnt pizza. I thought it was lasagna. Rosebud Casino. Tribal Organization: Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council. ROSEBUD CASINO. Highway 83 and SD/NE State Line Valentine, NE 69201 (605) 378-3800 (800) 786-ROSE. Casino • Live Dealer • Poker • Sports #1 Choice of U.S. Players! Mobile, tablet and desktop! $3,750 in Welcome Bonuses! BOVADA . ONLINE SLOTS + U.S. Most Popular Casino + $3,000 at BOVADA. Click For Practice Play FREE SLOTS ... Sites and Activities Conveniently located within the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Todd County, the Quality Inn® Rosebud Casino hotel in Mission lets you relax and focus on the people and experiences you came for. We’re merely minutes away from the Nebraska-South Dakota state line off Highway 83. You’ll find plenty of other local sites, activities and a The towns of Mission, Rosebud, St. Francis, and White River give an honest, un-glossed-over picture of life on an Indian reservation in the U.S. today. Don't waste your time on the tourist attractions of Rapid City or the Black Hills; visit the Rosebud and experience real South Dakota prairie life No traveler in the U.S. should miss this. … Tucked inside the Rosebud Indian Reservation, Quality Inn ® Rosebud Casino hotel in Mission is your destination for an exciting getaway. We’re located off Highway 83, just minutes away from the Nebraska-South Dakota state line. Our hotel is home to Rosebud Casino, featuring 250 slot machines, bingo and plenty of exciting table games. Inside the casino, you’ll find numerous entertainment ... ROSEBUD INDIAN RESERVATION — Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux on Wednesday issued a lockdown for the entire Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota beginning at midnight tonight. The lockdown will remain in effect until Sunday, May 17, 2020 at 6 a.m. – CDT. The action came after Rosebud Sioux tribal leaders learned of 14 active cases of COVID-19 on the reservation. The RST owns and operates Rosebud Casino, located on U.S. Route 83 just north of the Nebraska border. Nearby is a fuel plaza, featuring truck parking and a convenience store. Power for the casino is furnished in part by one of the nation's first tribally owned electricity-generating wind turbines. The tribe allows alcohol sales on the reservation, which enables it to keep the sales taxes and ...

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Grand Entry @ Rosebud casino powwow 2013

Lame Deer, MT Rosebud Sioux Tribe pow-wow - grand entry 2016 ... The Cheyenne River Reservation - Duration: 15:15. Vativ Media 233,121 views. 15:15 . How to Dance Powwow - Duration: 8:03. John Hupfield 419,698 ... This is a video of a funeral ceremony for my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle on the Rosebud Reservation in Rosebud, SD. The reason for the upload is for my family to view (that were not there). Feel ... Grand Entry on Saturday evening , July 6th, 2013.... His Veins Run Cold When He Realizes Who's Been Haunting The Homestead All Along - Duration: 19:49. Homesteading Off The Grid Recommended for you Part 1"We live to survive." That is what many of them say. In the 19th century, the Lakota people were among the most successful figh... Website: Facebook: Oglala Lakota tribal members, Oglala Sioux Tribe Vice President T... Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservation - Duration: 24:37. Evan Bunkers 85,237 views. 24:37 . 138th Rosebud Fair Little Bighorn Victory Dance - Duration: 3:39. Jesse Short Bull 2,638 views. 3:39 ... Composed by Travis Kills Plenty & arranged by TG Stober - recorded live Feb 24th, 2012 at the Rosebud Casino. TG Stober-guitar, Percy Kills Plenty-drums, & Travis Kills Plenty-bass & vocals. This ... Vote GABRIELLE KNIFE, Debut Artist of the Year!!Native American Music Awards Honor of the Sheridan Family of the Omaha Nation. Th... Sugar is a Lakota Singer/Songwriter, member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and makes his home on the Rosebud Reservation in Rosebud, SD. USA. This is a song written by Sugar in Spirit Lake, ND. in ...