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booked a promotion at the Avi Resort and Casino thru Underpar. The Casino was inundated with smoke, hard to breathe, no non-smoking areas, including restaurants. fortunately a non-smoking room was available. The promotion included one round at Mohave Resort Golf Club, which was good, the 2nd day was at Huukan G.C. which was no better than a cow pasture, only thing satisfactory was the greens. Tried to call Underpar requesting a refund, no response.
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Just a few ideas I came up with, some are concepts from other games but most are mine.

  1. I would like to suggest that property furniture is separately picked out by the player. For example, in the office a player may want the desk chair, assistant model, and walls from the old spice: warm style, the window shades, glass walls, hallway furniture, desk perimeter tables, and the boardroom cabinets from power broker: polished, and the glass cabinet (the wine sits on top of this), the couch and chairs, and desk from the executive style, the same idea would apply to penthouses and possibly other properties like the facility & hangar where furniture is present and multiple styles are available. I'm sure it would bring great pleasure and satisfaction to me and many others in the community to be able to tweak their properties to perfection. I understand that there is an unused shop by the name of larss & elbo that I come to believe is a high-end furniture store, it could be implemented into the game to "Buy" the furniture from. Additionally, there could be different brands of furniture and appliances, for example, the pc and laptops in properties could be a different brand or type of computer instead of the regular ifruit tech, also the stilt houses have 2 different interiors, allow the player to pick either interior for their stilt houses.
  2. Add a home system in the interaction menu, so players could control the radio or tv without having to interact with them directly. Maybe even have control over the level of lighting, or if they have the right type of shades, allow them to be closed or opened to view the outside of LS.
  3. In the office instead other there being a gun locker and safe in the walls behind the players desk, have the closed room behind the assistant be opened up as an armory to view every weapon the player owns, and the room across from the 3 laptops be opened as a vault and have it filled with cash depending on the funds in the players bank account.
  4. The possibility to own a couple more properties, with all the new cars that will be dripping out every Tuesday, I feel horrible having to sell a good car that I want to keep to make room for a new car and I'm sure others feel the same.
  5. Unlock the balconies in properties, like at the penthouses or stilt houses. Make it so that we can walk out onto the balconies instead of just looking through windows.
  6. Pets being in players apartments and houses/adding animals to GTA online.
  7. More tv shows and movies, or more episodes to existing series. More than just one video game on the office tv, and ability to play video games on TVs in other properties.
  8. Open up the mechanic's area in the back of garages.
  9. Make menus for property radios and TVs so that instead of guessing what channel or station the player is selecting, they can instead use the menu to quickly and easily select their favorite channel or radio station when directly interacting with them.
  10. If mansions or more apartment/penthouse properties are added in future DLC, allow the purchase of extra rooms, like a pool or home theater.
  11. Make the camper available for purchase as a mobile home property.
  12. Make yacht more individually customizable, able to pick out all tents, pick colors and patterns separately, pick helipads, pick individual lighting. Color options wouldn't be limited, it would include all colors. Pick which helicopters and boats are stationed. Open up yacht engine room. Open up the 3rd-floor front exterior.
  13. Add more room for yachts.
  14. Fix interior inclined windows or remove inclined windows on the yacht.
  15. Let doors inside yacht close.
  16. Let security gates in the bunker close and open.
  17. Add more rooms in bunkers.
  18. Let players pick the paintings in properties.
Big downloadable content:
  1. A DLC that would be based mostly on water, it could be business based or heist based. I understand you must get plenty of emails regarding a naval-themed DLC but I would at least like to pitch in my thoughts, I suggest first that either both or one of the two following watercraft be included and available for purchase: 1. The aircraft carrier or a variant of the aircraft carrier that would include aircraft and watercraft storage, a living quarters, an armory, and possibly a section where a battleship (either visually in game or said to be farther out away from the coast) would be ordered to bombard or strike a small section of the map. The explosions would be smaller and less damaging than the orbital strike but there would be 2-3 at once. 2. Bogdan's submarine or a variant of it, it would include mainly the same basic rooms but the aircraft and possibly watercraft storage wouldn't be available, which is why I noted that both could be included. Both would be able to move around the map in a similar fashion as the galaxy super yacht, and both would be own-able at the same time. Second, MK.II weapons and weaponized/non-weaponized watercraft. For the MK.II weapons, I would like to see the grenade launcher, minigun, RPG, sweeper shotgun, micro SMG, and ap pistol. These are just suggestions, you can use whatever weapons you feel should be upgradable. For the weaponized watercraft, two could be variants of the tug and dinghy, the dinghy would have a minigun on the front and the tug would have a huge cannon on the back and miniguns on the sides, maybe a walk-in interior could be opened up on the tug with cannons and miniguns in it. Maybe one of the new ships could be a pirate ship (more on that below), but I'm sure you all would be the experts in finding small warships to put into the DLC. Now depending on if this becomes a business or a heist will vary the features put in: 1. Bogdan's treasure: a small heist could be included involving Bogdan finding an old treasure map and recruiting a team of players to go out looking for the treasure whilst fending off multiple factions of enemies like Merryweather, the army, the FIB/IAA, and maybe the gangs of San Andreas (vagos, ballas, the lost mc etc.) that have also caught wind of the treasure. The heist would be available from the screen in the players facility (it bothers me that there is empty space on the screen when its just the 3 doomsday heists) or from a small island base, some of the freemode setups would include getting various naval ships from one of the many factions to use in mission setups to look for more clues, gather information, or follow the map through sonar or other navigation/detection methods. The finale would include the players finding a cave leading into a cove with a huge pirate ship filled with gold (think the goonies) but on the way there, players would have to fight through the multiple factions that they encountered in previous sections of the heist, at the very end they would blow a massive hole in the side of the cove exposing the ship to the outside of the map and sailing it away in a cinematic cutscene. 2. Marines and pirates: a business similar to the bikegunrunning would be available to the player, on the maze bank foreclosures website a cove (think Hitler's underground cove dock in sniper elite 4 where you kill him or that submarine lair in mechanic resurrection) would be purchasable to the player. Inside of the cove would be the regular rooms like an armory, living quarters, and the main business room, but there would be multiple closed off manufacturing sections that could be unlocked through "Purchasing" them, the computer inside would allow upgrades to be made to each section they're in. The player would gather supplies based on what section they're in, for example, if the player were resupplying the forge, they would go out and use sonar to look for lost gold that could be at the bottom of the sea and bring it back, or steal gold bricks from a shipment on land and bring it back to be melted and sold (like in story mode). A rare resupply encounter could be to steal a pirate ship from Merryweather or the IAA/fib and bring it back. The small island could be where the base of operations is located, or gates and doors would be added to the side of rock walls on the map along the water with a valve hatch being located above for on-foot entry. Bogdan's submarine variant could be stored in here as a moc/avenger type vehicle, while the aircraft carrier is placed outside wherever the player has it.
  2. The nightclubs are opened up and either be a small business headquarters for trafficking or a hang out spot with a couple minigames, perhaps there could be different kinds like the hen house be a strip club and Bahama mamas be just a regular dance club or the player could choose what type of club the property would be. There could be a dancing mini-game be placed near a dance floor along with a fight club of sorts in the basement. It could also introduce Brucie as more than just a contact for bst or bring back a character from another title.
  3. Another heist idea could be that the casino is robbed by the player and his team, they would be hired by Phoenicia rackman to rob the casino because it hasn't been paying its government taxes or something, so the players must take the money by force for her so that the IAA could be funded. The heist could possibly include some variants of that huge tunnel digger to reach the vault room, or the skylift, that could be used to pick up the entire vault and fly it away. It would be the fourth or fifth heist to appear in the heist room in the facility (if the naval-themed DLC above was used for a heist then this would fill the last remaining spot on the heist screen, though I would push for that DLC to be a business since I like the businesses). I don't think gambling would be a feature since it would probably be exploited or glitched, giving players insane monetary gain.
  4. If the naval-themed DLC was used as a business then this heist could be the fifth heist on the screen in the facility. The altruists in Blaine County are taking over and assembling a small army of hillbillies, hobos, members of other various cults (children of the mountain, epsilon program), the O'Neil's, hunters, and possibly the lost mc to attack Los Santos and purge it, Phoenicia rackman has hired the players to infiltrate Blaine county and take back sections and loosen the grip of the altruists with the help of Trevor Philips, the finale is to infiltrate and destroy the altruist camp and end its tyrannical grip on Blaine county. The DLC would be more low-end than most of the recent content but I think some of the community would appreciate lower end content, stuff like pickup trucks and dune buggies and whatnot. Some of the heist vehicles could look like something out of mad max: fury road which I personally think would look insanely awesome, something like an armored bus with machine guns sticking out of the windows.
  5. Civil service DLC: buy police stations and vehicles.
  6. Continental hotel like from john wick.
Game modes & mini-games:
  1. An adversary mode of hide and seek at night with all the lights out, like slasher but on a larger scale. Players would hide in a small section of the map like sandy shores, the player could stay in one spot for about 30 seconds before having to move away from that spot or else they would appear on the map. It could be played in vehicles too since it's in a much larger area, the hiders could be on Sanchez's and the seeker could be in a khanjali tank or weaponized Tampa.
  2. A race mode idea could be something like motocross madness, where the maze bank arena is used for motocross races. There could also be an adversary mode that's a demolition derby or monster truck show.
  3. Add more sports mini-games like bowling, archery, pool, table tennis, and triathlons, possibly add baseball too.
  4. Add a 2 player hunting minigame.
  5. Make official creator props and adversary modes for games such as deathrun, car vs gun, ramp climb.
  6. Let players play mission minigames as video games. Like the doomsday laser hack, and lesters fleeca heist maze hack.
Player customization:
  1. Have there be a gym placed in ls where the player could train their character and upgrade their stats, like the gyms from GTA: San Andreas.
  2. Add more customization for the player's phone.
  3. Make more actions and taunts, its been a while since any have been added.
  4. Make some of the clothing options for male characters available for female characters, for example, the bow-tie that can just be on the male character without the proper shirt or jacket, and make some clothing options for the female character available for the male character, for example, the golden cuffs from ill-gotten gains. Maybe let players purchase the dunce hat too.
  5. Add clothes exclusive or only seen in story mode, for example, the visor that Amanda wears during tennis, franklin's skydiving outfit, Trevors dress, triathlon outfits. Some hairstyles could also be added, for example, Trevor's mullet and beard, Franklin's afro. Additionally, let hairstyles and clothing from holidays be available permanently.
  6. In the character creator, allow the players to change the size of their characters female breasts or male genitalia.
  7. The possibility of this is highly unlikely, but make a no shirt/bikini clothing option for female characters or at least just nipple tape, the strippers are partially nude during lap dances, also the strange blue nipples could be taken care of. I really don't see this being implemented but I see no harm in suggesting it.
  8. Choker chains.
  9. Let players do their own makeup inside their home.
  10. Looping actions or idle actions.
  11. Add backpacks. Something more than parachutes.
  12. Add football helmets, grilled shades, headbands, fezes.
  13. Let players put on duffle bags and other restricted mission outfits.
  14. Let players purchase the wrestler masks.
  15. Let players color and choose the decals for clothes.
  16. Add earbuds.
  17. Bandana’s from bandana masks be separate if the player wants it that way.
  18. Flaming skull masks.
  19. Platform shoes.
Returning content:
  1. Having the little things like free mode money trucks, mechanic vehicle delivery, the fireworks that were placed on the ground, very rare crate drops that held unique items. I understand if this one is a little tricky because they were already in the game but removed, but they could be tweaked. The free mode money trucks could be put in as a free mode event where players go around and try to make the most money off of robbing the trucks (besides, last time I checked there was a tattoo related to robbing trucks, and me being a bit of an "I must have everything" kind of person I feel incomplete to not be able to get that tattoo). For the mechanic delivery, in the vehicle interaction submenu options, it could be set to if the player wants their car personally delivered or just teleported near them. For the fireworks placed on the ground, I would just like to see that re-added into the game, I never got the chance to get any before they were taken but I'm sure I and many, many other players would be thrilled to have them back. As for the rare items that were rewarded from crates, I propose that either the crates be added back with the rare items and past holiday items, or have the items be purchasable but extremely expensive, possibly both.
  2. Bring back assassinating targets for Lester in freeroam.
  3. Add climbing mechanics from older GTA titles and possibly advance it with parkour.
  1. When someone has a self-radio, make it so that its not affected when someone changes the radio or if you're the passenger and the driver doesn't have a self-radio station let the passenger listen to theirs, also, I always find that it's never the station that is picked for my moc/avenger, property radio, and sometimes my own personal cars. Additionally, make an option for self-radio in the clubhouse jukebox.
  2. If the player has headphones on then have music playing while they are on foot and in the interaction menu the player could change the radio stations.
  3. Let self-radio play in stores.
  4. Let self-radio play in the nightclub.
Pause menu:
  1. In the report options of a player, allow there to be more specific modder report reasons, for example, some option in a "Modding" tab would be: god mode, money dropping, blame killing, prop spawning, mass killing, organization kicking (where a modder kicks someone from their own organization and makes them wait the 30 or so minutes). Additionally, when a player dies and they are in the menu trying to report, they're kicked out of the pause menu when they die, so when a player dies they can't report, and when a modder is blowing everyone up constantly they cant report them. Have the menu stay open even when the player dies. Also, let players report modding from the social club in case they are kicked by the modder and didn't get a chance to report them.
  2. Let players throw away money so that they don't have modded money.
  3. Let players view how long their friends have been offline.
Business benefits:
  1. Cargo running is slow to fill 5 large warehouses so maybe there would be an option to fill the warehouse in large chunks, say by 10, the player and associates would go find either a semi-truck across the map and go retrieve it facing aggressive enemies the whole way back, or possibly 5 vans with 2 crates inside each van. Another option could be to fill the warehouse completely by going around all of San Andreas grabbing semi-trucks with 10 crates, moving trucks with 5 crates, and small vans with 2 crates inside them, all adding up to 110 crates and the final crate after collecting the 110 crates could be one of the 6 rare special cargo crates. However the buy option would be extremely expensive like perhaps 500 thousand to 1 million depending on how full the warehouse is already, if the warehouse isn't completely empty then the chance to get a rare special cargo would be reduced but if there are already a couple rare cargo in the warehouse then the chance to get another one would only be reduced slightly.
  2. Have an option for the player to hire NPC associates or prospects, they would have tiers like the strike teams in the facility, level 1 would be free, level 2 would cost $5000 an associate, and level 3 would cost $10000 an associate, and they would be paid half their hiring price periodically. That way players don't have to go from session to session hoping someone joins them. The NPCs would be able to help fight and pick up separate cargo crates, they wouldn't be able to take cargo vehicles, they would attack other players based on a setting the player would have for them like the targeting system in the interaction menu, they could target strangers, attackers, or everyone. They would always be by the player's side and get into whatever vehicle they get in. They also wouldn't be able to take sell vehicles by themselves so players would have to hope to get something like the titan or tug if they're full of NPC associates.
  3. Make securoserv associate vehicles like the enduro and the dune buggy CEO vehicles too.
  4. Possibly a progress bar or something in clubhouses and offices to let players know when they've filled the property with a product, cargo, or money "Clutter" so that they don't have to guess and check.
  5. Let CEOs invite members from an mc.
  6. Business to manufacture new weapons for the player and make ammo.
  7. In an organization or mc, if friendly fire is on let members lock on to each other.
  8. Ability to choose organization color if not already taken.
  9. Increase VIP/CEO/pres limit.
  10. Allow players to customize the look and clothing of NPCs in business properties, like the bartenders, mechanics, and assistants.
  11. Allow multiple CEO work missions to be active at the same time.
  1. Let players join more than 5 crews.
  2. Give crew leaders the ability to change the crew name when editing their crew, and crew leaders also don't have to level up to 100 in their own crew.
  3. Crew emblems on more clothes.
  4. Let players put crew emblems on guns.
  5. Crew emblems in more properties.
Map expansion/immersion:
  1. Possibly add a small island to the right side of the map. Not as small as the one avi Schwartzman hides on but not as big as a whole map, something with similar beauty and just a bit smaller than great Inagua island from the assassins creed: black flag game. It could be a base for the naval DLC, or maybe if the pirate ship gets added, this is where it would be stored.
  2. Open up fast food places. Like in previous GTA titles, the player was allowed to walk into a restaurant and purchase food to regain health. Possibly also add in fast food vendors around the map for a hot dog or something to quickly replenish health, I understand we have snacks but I feel that it would improve the game, and what if we've run out of snacks?
  3. Open pier carnival games.
  4. More carnival rides, like the drop tower.
  5. Let players buy snacks from places other than the office, facility, or stores.
  6. Let players buy clothes and tattoos from shops along Vespucci beach and on the pier.
  7. Make arcade machines playable.
  8. Add ladders to more buildings to climb on or add a grappling hook.
  9. Let players rob safes in the back of stores.
  10. Have it snow more often.
Annoyance fixes:
  1. Don't force players into cargo warehouses when a crate or cargo vehicle is delivered.
  2. Make an option in mors mutual insurance to claim all cars from all garages
  3. Make older accessories wearable with newer accessories. For example, if I put on original earrings with a lowriders chain, it will remove the chain or earrings
  4. Let players rearrange bicycles in garage bicycle racks.
  5. Allow certain contacts to be blocked from calling or messaging. For example, block ljt from calling about businesses, or block Simeon from giving players a list of cars to bring to him.
  6. Allow the player to disable gang attacks.
  7. Allow players to call the car that's in the moc from office.
  8. Assisted havok landing.
  9. Add an option to stop players from changing the tv or radio.
  10. Let players acknowledge new options in clothing stores and mod shops instead of having to scroll through everything to get rid of the stars.
  11. When exiting a vehicle, don't force the last selected weapon in the vehicle to be the selected weapon on foot.
  12. Let players run in their nightclubs.
  1. Let players buy MK.II ammo in the interaction menu, but they would be very expensive.
  2. Melee weapons on guns (bayonet).
  3. Allow the player to select multiple bomb types at the same time, for example, the incendiary and gas bomb could be selected, so the bomb would create fire and gas. They would only be able to pick one of the two explosive types: explosive or cluster. If they picked three it could be an incendiary gas cluster bomb.
  4. Knuckle dusters on both hands.
  5. Let players buy molotovs, the railgun, the stun gun, and airstrike flares (doesn't bring airstrike)
  6. Lasers on weapons.
  7. Flashbang, decoy, smoke grenades.
  8. Dual wielding pistols.
  9. Burst fire options on certain guns.
  10. MK.III weapons would have branches.
  11. Throwing weapons: ninja star, throwing knives, tomahawk.
  12. MK.II melee weapons or just ammunation upgrades: spikes on the bat, flaming bat, and maybe projectiles like baseballs.
  13. Add flamethrower, a heavy fire ax, sledgehammer, small shields for melee fights, sword, boxing gloves, crossbow/bow, kukri, chainsaw.
  14. Add small sentry turrets that a player can call in for 1 minute before it self-destructs.
  15. MK.II explosives: bouncy, cluster types.
  16. Add cane and umbrella melee weapons that would also change the walk of the character to include the weapon.
  17. Paintball gun for harmless firefights with friends.
  18. Assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment.
  19. Emp grenades that would disable some explosives like sticky bombs, and jammers that could be placed on surfaces, including cars that would disable explosives until destroyed when shot or player dies.
  20. MK.II tear gas with deadlier gas upgrades and canister upgrades like sticky, on impact.
  21. MK.II grenade launcher with special grenades with fire, gas, cluster, and sticky, or on impact grenades.
  22. Pulse detectors on guns, like thermal scopes but detecting heartbeats.
  23. Add small drones that can be deployed on the ground or in the air and can be upgraded.
  24. Ability to call in an equipment drop that has an upgradable riot shield and normal/MK.II-III ammo.
  25. Add a device that holds multiple explosives that would activate with proximity, timer, or manual and launch 6 small upgraded explosives.
  26. Add a helmet or scope that would allow players to detect electronics and explosives.
  27. Add a sort of mini anti-air device that would explode rockets and grenade launcher grenades shot at players.
  28. Stun grenades and mines that would act like a taser.
  29. Small glass shields on guns.
  30. Crossbow bolts with smoke or tear gas.
  31. Scanner for footprints, in freemode it wouldn't matter unless the enemy used off the radar, it would be useful in deathmatch.
  32. Multiple explosive upgrades: on impact cluster flashbang.
  33. Allow players to purchase all ammo when in the interaction menu > inventory > ammo section.
  34. Make the programmable AR purchasable
  35. LMG Bipods
  36. Make the golf club hide-able in the weapons lockers.
  1. Adding multiple modifications on vehicles, for example, the bodhi has options for vents, side steps, and headlight grills. I'd like it if I had the option to choose all three instead of just one.
  2. If you're reluctant to let us own more properties, then make some of the unpurchasable and rare cars like the Phoenix or manana purchasable so that players won't feel too bad about selling them to make room for newer cars.
  3. Add gogo monkey blista compact, space docker, and the blimp.
  4. Let players customize or at the very least change the colors on pegasus vehicles (i know planes were allowed to be customized in the smuggler's run update, I'm referring to land-based pegasus vehicles).
  5. Add rims that spin, like if there were a fidget spinner on the outside of the rim. Let tire designs be available on any type of rim, for example, the white walls of lowriders rims being on muscle tires.
  6. Make plane windows tintable
  7. Add more rims from cars with unique rims.
  8. Roof options on the ruiner.
  9. Assisted yacht helicopter landing.
  10. Able to call bicycles from office or mechanic.
  11. Speed racer type of cars with jump jacks and unique weapons.
  12. Hot wheels type cars.
  13. In the vehicle remote functions, let players roll their cars windows up and down.
  14. Allow players to upgrade and customize the car that comes with the anti-aircraft guns.
  15. Pegasus semi-trucks with trailers.
  16. Add zeppelins and war blimps, like from guns of Icarus.
  17. In garages or workshops, place a spinning display platform for a car to be showcased.
  18. Let players transfer cars between garages without manually driving them.
  19. Let players change the avenger propeller light color.
  20. Colored sun strips on cars with sponsored sunstrips only.
  21. Purchasable trailers for cars like the boat or generator trailers.
  22. Let players put spoilers on the ramp buggy.
  23. Let players modify the other 3 special vehicles in the vehicle warehouse.
  24. Make the Speedo, Mule, and Pounder Custom more explosive resistant.
  1. Ability to call Lester and have him make another players phone ring and not able to shoot before ending the call would take about 3 seconds to end it.
Job creator:
  1. Make pipes in stunt races that can go underwater.
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Daily Stock Discussion - 02/23/2017

The /Robinhood Fund

Join the year-long stock picking game today!
Full and current standings can be found in the wiki. A breakdown of stats is over here. Updates show up every hour! Check it out!
Total Investors 145
Initial Investment $1448998.99
Current Value $1579202.17
Change 8.245%

Current Standings

# Investor Value Percent Change
1 opanasinmynose $18437.49 84.37%
2 daglol $17092.79 70.93%
3 Clipssu $15611.49 56.11%
4 SplitEndsSuck $14397.34 43.97%
5 jbirdjustin $14195.80 41.96%
6 samsthetics $13989.42 39.89%
7 joonierh $13011.03 30.11%
8 Imma_Robot $12954.43 29.54%
9 pylorih $12896.74 28.97%
10 Bypz $12781.79 27.82%

Upcoming Ex-Div Dates

Expected Earnings Reports

Symbol Name EPS Estimate When
AAOI Applied Optoelectronics Inc 0.75 After Market Close
AAON Aaon Inc 0.26 Time Not Supplied
AAWW Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc 2.25 Before Market Open
ACHC Acadia Healthcare Company Inc 0.55 After Market Close
ACHN Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.18 Before Market Open
ACIA Acacia Communications Inc 0.9 After Market Close
ACU Acme United Corp 0.15 09:00 am ET
ADC Agree Realty Corp 0.38 After Market Close
AGO Assured Guaranty Ltd 0.68 After Market Close
AHT Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc -0.32 After Market Close
AINC Ashford Inc 1.05 After Market Close
AL Air Lease Corp 0.86 After Market Close
ALDR Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc -0.9 After Market Close
ALJ Alon USA Energy Inc -0.32 After Market Close
ALRM Holdings Inc 0.13 After Market Close
AMCX AMC Networks Inc 1.28 Before Market Open
AMH American Homes 4 Rent -0.04 After Market Close
AMRN Amarin Corporation PLC -0.07 Before Market Open
AMSWA American Software Inc 0.07 After Market Close
ANSS ANSYS Inc 0.96 Before Market Open
APA Apache Corp 0.07 07:30 am ET
APLP Archrock Partners LP 0.14 Before Market Open
AROC Archrock Inc -0.03 Before Market Open
ASPN Aspen Aerogels Inc -0.17 After Market Close
AVHI AV Homes Inc 0.38 After Market Close
AWR American States Water Co 0.3 After Market Close
BGS B&G Foods Inc 0.39 After Market Close
BIDU Baidu Inc 0.9 After Market Close
BIO Bio Rad Laboratories Inc 1.03 After Market Close
BJRI BJ's Restaurants Inc 0.4 After Market Close
BMRN Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc -0.38 Time Not Supplied
BNFT Benefitfocus Inc -0.12 After Market Close
BRC Brady Corp 0.35 Before Market Open
BRCD Brocade Communications Systems Inc 0.26 After Market Close
BSFT BroadSoft Inc 0.75 Before Market Open
BWEN Broadwind Energy Inc 0.04 Before Market Open
CBPO China Biologic Products Inc 0.84 After Market Close
CBPX Continental Building Products Inc 0.27 After Market Close
CCO Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc 0.06 Before Market Open
CCOI Cogent Communications Holdings Inc 0.12 07:00 am ET
CDR Cedar Realty Trust Inc 0.01 After Market Close
CECO Career Education Corp -0.06 After Market Close
CENX Century Aluminum Co -0.16 After Market Close
CHCT Community Healthcare Trust Inc 0.09 After Market Close
CHK Chesapeake Energy Corp 0.07 Before Market Open
CLDT Chatham Lodging Trust 0.03 Before Market Open
CNK Cinemark Holdings Inc 0.43 Before Market Open
CNSL Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc 0.17 Before Market Open
CNV Cnova NV -0.02 01:45 am ET
COMM CommScope Holding Company Inc 0.57 Before Market Open
CRI Carter's Inc 1.68 Before Market Open
CRZO Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc 0.31 Before Market Open
CSAL Communications Sales & Leasing Inc 0.01 Before Market Open
CVEO Civeo Corp -0.16 Before Market Open
CWT California Water Service Group 0.2 09:00 am ET
DAIO Data I/O Corp N/A After Market Close
DFT DuPont Fabros Technology Inc 0.44 Before Market Open
DHIL Diamond Hill Investment Group Inc N/A Time Not Supplied
DNR Denbury Resources Inc -0.03 Before Market Open
DY Dycom Industries Inc 0.69 After Market Close
DYN Dynegy Inc 0.12 After Market Close
EBS Emergent BioSolutions Inc 0.48 After Market Close
ECPG Encore Capital Group Inc 0.68 After Market Close
EE El Paso Electric Co 0.07 Before Market Open
EFOI Energy Focus Inc -0.24 Before Market Open
EME EMCOR Group Inc 0.83 Before Market Open
ENV Envestnet Inc 0.3 After Market Close
ERA Era Group Inc -0.22 After Market Close
ERIE Erie Indemnity Co 0.81 After Market Close
ESPR Esperion Therapeutics Inc -1.24 After Market Close
EVA Enviva Partners LP 0.32 Before Market Open
FCH Felcor Lodging Trust Inc -0.05 Before Market Open
FIG Fortress Investment Group LLC 0.2 Before Market Open
FIX Comfort Systems USA Inc 0.44 After Market Close
FNGN Financial Engines Inc 0.3 After Market Close
FPO First Potomac Realty Trust N/A After Market Close
FPRX Five Prime Therapeutics Inc -0.57 After Market Close
FTAI Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC 0.01 After Market Close
GASS StealthGas Inc -0.02 Before Market Open
GERN Geron Corp -0.06 After Market Close
GIFI Gulf Island Fabrication Inc 0.03 After Market Close
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp N/A Time Not Supplied
GPS Gap Inc 0.51 4:15 pm ET
GSAT Globalstar Inc -0.02 After Market Close
GTLS Chart Industries Inc 0.09 Before Market Open
GXP Great Plains Energy Inc 0.1 After Market Close
HASI Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc 0.3 After Market Close
HEES H&E Equipment Services Inc 0.27 Before Market Open
HF HFF Inc 0.77 After Market Close
HHC Howard Hughes Corp 0.66 After Market Close
HL Hecla Mining Co 0.04 Before Market Open
HLF Herbalife Ltd 0.97 After Market Close
HMHC Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co -0.78 Before Market Open
HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co 0.44 After Market Close
HRL Hormel Foods Corp 0.45 Before Market Open
HTGC Hercules Capital Inc 0.32 After Market Close
HURN Huron Consulting Group Inc 0.63 After Market Close
IART Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp 0.52 Before Market Open
ICPT Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc -3.74 Before Market Open
IDA Idacorp Inc 0.61 Before Market Open
IDCC InterDigital Inc 3.84 Before Market Open
IMAX Imax Corp 0.21 After Market Close
IMH Impac Mortgage Holdings Inc 1.42 After Market Close
INN Summit Hotel Properties Inc 0.03 After Market Close
INSM Insmed Inc -0.89 Before Market Open
INTU Intuit Inc 0.28 After Market Close
INWK InnerWorkings Inc 0.07 After Market Close
IRDM Iridium Communications Inc 0.2 Before Market Open
IRM Iron Mountain Inc 0.27 Before Market Open
ISLE Isle of Capri Casinos Inc 0.19 Before Market Open
ITCI Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc -0.77 Before Market Open
JAKK JAKKS Pacific Inc -0.62 Before Market Open
JWN Nordstrom Inc 1.15 After Market Close
KAI Kadant Inc 0.63 After Market Close
KOP Koppers Holdings Inc 0.26 Before Market Open
KSS Kohls Corp 1.33 07:00 am ET
KW Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc -0.11 After Market Close
LADR Ladder Capital Corp 0.39 After Market Close
LAWS Lawson Products Inc -0.08 Before Market Open
LDOS Leidos Holdings Inc 0.83 Before Market Open
LGND Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc 1.19 Before Market Open
LJPC La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co -1.2 After Market Close
LKQ LKQ Corp 0.4 Before Market Open
LMRK Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP 0.06 Before Market Open
LNT Alliant Energy Corp 0.28 After Market Close
LXP Lexington Realty Trust 0.08 Before Market Open
LYV Live Nation Entertainment Inc -0.58 After Market Close
MACK Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.21 After Market Close
MAIN Main Street Capital Corp 0.56 After Market Close
MCRB Seres Therapeutics Inc -0.72 Before Market Open
MCRN Milacron Holdings Corp 0.33 Before Market Open
MCS Marcus Corp 0.25 Before Market Open
MDXG MiMedx Group Inc 0.08 Before Market Open
MELI MercadoLibre Inc 0.92 After Market Close
MGEE MGE Energy Inc N/A Time Not Supplied
MITL Mitel Networks Corp 0.23 Before Market Open
MNST Monster Beverage Corp 0.3 After Market Close
MOCO MOCON Inc N/A After Market Close
MSA MSA Safety Inc 0.82 After Market Close
MTZ MasTec Inc 0.54 After Market Close
NADL North Atlantic Drilling Ltd -2.29 Time Not Supplied
NCMI National CineMedia Inc 0.22 After Market Close
NKSH National Bankshares Inc 0.53 Time Not Supplied
NVCR Novocure Ltd -0.39 Before Market Open
NVRO Nevro Corp -0.2 After Market Close
OBLN Obalon Therapeutics Inc -0.52 Before Market Open
OGE OGE Energy Corp 0.33 Before Market Open
OGXI OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.28 After Market Close
OLED Universal Display Corp 0.42 After Market Close
OVAS OvaScience Inc -0.58 After Market Close
PACD Pacific Drilling SA -2.44 After Market Close
PDCO Patterson Companies Inc 0.57 Before Market Open
PDLI PDL BioPharma Inc 0.09 After Market Close
PE Parsley Energy Inc 0.07 After Market Close
PEB Pebblebrook Hotel Trust 0.22 After Market Close
PEGA Pegasystems Inc 0.37 After Market Close
PEI Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust 0.15 After Market Close
PF Pinnacle Foods Inc 0.79 Before Market Open
PFMT Performant Financial Corp -0.04 After Market Close
RDUS Radius Health Inc -1.34 Time Not Supplied
RMAX Re/Max Holdings Inc 0.36 After Market Close
ROIAK Radio One Inc N/A Before Market Open
RTIX RTI Surgical Inc -0.01 Before Market Open
RWT Redwood Trust Inc 0.36 4:15 pm ET
SAFM Sanderson Farms Inc 1.42 Before Market Open
SAGE SAGE Therapeutics Inc -1.17 Before Market Open
SB Safe Bulkers Inc -0.1 After Market Close
SBRA Sabra Health Care REIT Inc 0.32 Before Market Open
SDLP Seadrill Partners LLC 0.5 Time Not Supplied
SDRL Seadrill Ltd 0.18 Time Not Supplied
SEB Seaboard Corp N/A Before Market Open
SEM Select Medical Holdings Corp 0.1 After Market Close
SEMG SemGroup Corp 0.17 After Market Close
SENS Senseonics Holdings Inc -0.12 After Market Close
SERV Servicemaster Global Holdings Inc 0.4 Before Market Open
SFM Sprouts Farmers Market Inc 0.12 Before Market Open
SFUN Fang Holdings Ltd -0.01 Before Market Open
SGC Superior Uniform Group Inc 0.26 Before Market Open
SGYP Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.2 Time Not Supplied
SHLD Sears Holdings Corp -2.85 Before Market Open
SHLX Shell Midstream Partners LP 0.36 Before Market Open
SMLP Summit Midstream Partners LP 0.14 After Market Close
SNC State National Companies Inc 0.28 After Market Close
SPAR Spartan Motors Inc 0.02 Before Market Open
SPLK Splunk Inc 0.17 After Market Close
SPNC Spectranetics Corp -0.28 After Market Close
SPXC SPX Corp 0.65 After Market Close
STMP Stamps.Com Inc 2.36 4:30 pm ET
STOR Store Capital Corp 0.19 Before Market Open
STWD Starwood Property Trust Inc 0.5 Before Market Open
SUI Sun Communities Inc 0.05 Before Market Open
SUMR Summer Infant Inc 0.02 Before Market Open
SWN Southwestern Energy Co 0.12 After Market Close
SYRG Synergy Resources Corp 0.02 After Market Close
TFX Teleflex Inc 2.09 Before Market Open
TGP Teekay LNG Partners LP 0.43 Before Market Open
TK Teekay Corp -0.1 Before Market Open
TNK Teekay Tankers Ltd 0.04 Before Market Open
TOO Teekay Offshore Partners LP 0.12 Before Market Open
TPRE Third Point Reinsurance Ltd -0.52 After Market Close
TREE LendingTree Inc 0.78 Before Market Open
TTC Toro Co 0.36 Before Market Open
TWI Titan International Inc -0.09 Before Market Open
TWOU 2U Inc 0.03 After Market Close
TXMD TherapeuticsMD Inc -0.12 Time Not Supplied
ULH Universal Logistics Holdings Inc 0.11 After Market Close
UNT Unit Corp 0.07 Before Market Open
VAC Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp 1.74 Before Market Open
VC Visteon Corp 1.32 Before Market Open
VER Vereit Inc -0.01 Before Market Open
VICR Vicor Corp N/A After Market Close
VSEC VSE Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
W Wayfair Inc -0.5 Before Market Open
WAGE WageWorks Inc 0.35 After Market Close
WBAI 500.Com Ltd N/A Before Market Open
WK Workiva Inc -0.21 After Market Close
WMAR West Marine Inc -0.45 4:00 pm ET
WPC W. P. Carey Inc 1.32 After Market Close
WPX WPX Energy Inc -0.15 Time Not Supplied
XLRN Acceleron Pharma Inc -0.55 Before Market Open
ZBRA Zebra Technologies Corp 1.73 Before Market Open
ZOES Zoe's Kitchen Inc -0.06 After Market Close

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Standard disclaimer: The content in this thread is for information and illustrative purposes only and should not be regarded as investment advice or as a recommendation of any particular security or course of action. Opinions expressed herein are the opinions of the poster and are subject to change without notice. Reasonable people may disagree about the opinions expressed herein. In the event any of the assumptions used herein do not prove to be true, results are likely to vary substantially. All investments entail risks. There is no guarantee that investment strategies will achieve the desired results under all market conditions and each investor should evaluate their ability to invest for a long term especially during periods of a market downturn. Have a nice day.
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The Big Ol' Bigot Boycott List

We may have a lot of people against us, but it's good to remember that there are a lot of corporations out there that either are for us, or that at least want to keep up appearances.
If someone tells you that they're boycotting Angie's list because they oppose same-sex marriage, show them this list (I just compiled) of other things they should then be boycotting. This [incomplete] list consists of organizations that have received a score of at least 80 from the Human Rights Campaign, and/or that have been specifically targeted for a boycott by the National Organization for Marriage.
And if any employee of a place on this list [I'm specifically thinking of hotels] tries to discriminate on religious grounds, because the larger corporation is on HRC's list, talking to management, or climbing higher up the corporate ladder will probably let you find someone willing to help.
3M products, 409 [the cleaner], 7-Up,
A1 Steak Sauce, AAA [American Automotive Association], Abbott Laboratories, Abercrombie & Fitch,, Abreva, Acuvue contact lenses, Adobe Systems, AdvantEdge, Advil, Aetna, Ajax, Alaska Airlines, Alavert, Aleve, Alka-Seltzer, All brand laundry detergent, Allstate, Almond Joy, Always [feminine care products],, AMC Theaters, AMD, American Airlines, American Eagle, American Express, American Family Insurance, American Girl [the dolls], Android, Angie’s List [and everyone on it], Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Apple Jacks, Aquafina, Aquafresh, Armor All [the stuff that keeps your car door handles looking nice], Art of Shaving, AT&T, ATI, Audi, Aunt Jemima, Aussie haircare,, Aveda, Aveeno, Aviance cosmetics, Avis Rent A Car, Avon Products,, Axe/Lynx deodorant,
Bahama Breeze, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Ball Park Franks, Band-Aid, Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Banquet frozen dinners, Barbie, Barclays Capital, Barnes & Noble, Barq’s Rootbeer, Bath & Body Works, Bayer, Baymont Inn & Suites, Beaulieu Vineyard,, Beck, Behr, Ben & Jerry’s, Benadryl, Benefiber, Bengay, Bentley, Best Buy, Bethesda [the game studio], Betty Crocker, Bioware, Bisquick, Bloomingdale’s, Blue Moon, Blue Stratos Cologne, Bobbi Brown beauty, Boca Burger, Boeing, Bold laundry detergent, Bonamine [AKA Bonine and Dramamine], Bonterra Vineyards, Bon-Ton Stores, Boost Mobile, Bottom Dollar Food, Bounce fabric-softener, Bounty, Breakstone’s, Breath Savers, Breyer’s ice cream, Bridgestone, Brita, British Petroleum, Brown-Forman, Bubble Yum, Bud Light, Budget Rent A Car, Budweiser, Bugatti, Bugles, Buick, Burt’s Bees, Busch Gardens,
Cabbage Patch Kids, Cadbury, Cadillac, Caesars [hotels and casinos], Calgel, California Pizza Kitchen, Caltrate, Camay bath soap, Campbell’s Soup, Cap’n Crunch, The Capital Grille, Capital One, Capri Sun, Captain Morgan, CarePlus Pharmacy, Caress brand soaps, Carr’s, Cascade dishwasher detergent, Cascadian Farm, Celestial Seasonings, Centrum, Chambourd, Chapstick, Charles Schwab, Charmin, Chase,, Cheer laundry detergent, Cheerios, Cheetos, Cheez-It, Cheez Whiz, Chef Boyardee, Chevrolet, Chevron, Chex, Chili’s, Chips Ahoy, Chips Deluxe, Choice Hotels, Christina Aguilera perfume, Chrome [web browser], Chrysler, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cirrus [owned by MasterCard], Citigroup [including Citibank], Clairol, Clarion hotels, Claritin, Clean and Clear, Clinique, Clorox, Club Crackers, C.O. Bigelow, Coca cola, Colgate, Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Command [the convenient sticky wall hooks], Compaq, ConAgra Foods, Continental Airlines, Cooking Light, Cool Whip, Coors, Coppertone, Corn Pops, Cortizone, Costco, Cottonelle, Country Crock margarine, Country Inns & Suites, Country Time lemonade, Courtyard Hotels, CoverGirl cosmetics, Cracker Jacks, Craftsman, Crate and Barrel, Crayola, Crest, Crispix, Crown Royal, Crystal Light, Cub Foods, CVS,
Darden Restaurants, Dasani bottled water, Dawn [the dish soap], Days Inn, Degree deodorant, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dentyne, Depends, DieHard, Dimetapp, Disneyland, Doctor’s Formula cosmetics, Dodge, Dolce & Gabbana cologne and perfume, Dole, Dollar Rent A Car, Doritos, Dove, Downy, Drano, Dr. Scholl’s, Dulcolax, DuPont, Duracell,
EAS protein shakes, EB Games, Ebay,, Econo Lodge, Egg Beaters, Eggland’s Best, Eggo Waffles, Electronic Arts, Embassy Suites, Ensure, Enterprise Rent A Car, Entertainment Weekly, Era laundry detergent, Estee Lauder, Eukanuba dog and cat foods, Ex-Lax, Excedrin, Expedia,
Facebook, Fairfield Inn, Famous Amos, Famous Footwear, Fannie Mae, Fanta, Fantastik, Farm Fresh, Febreze, FedEx, Fetzer, Fiber One, Fiddle Faddle, Finlandia Vodkas, Firestone, Fischer-Price, Fix-A-Flat, Fixodent denture adhesive, Flickr, Food Lion, Ford, Fortune [magazine], Foster’s, Fox’s Jewelers, Freddie Mac, Fresca, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, Fudgsicle, Fuze,
Gain, GameStop, Gap, Gardetto’s, Gas-X, Gatorade, General Electric, General Mills, General Motors, Gilette, Girl Scout cookies, Glade, GlaxoSmithKline, Gmail, Gold Medal [the flour company], Gold Peak, Good Earth, GoodNites, Goody, Google, Green Giant, Groupon, Gucci cosmetics, Guinness,
Haagen-Dazs,, Hallmark Cards, Hamburger Helper, Hampton Inn, Hawthorn Suites, Head & Shoulders, Healthy Choice, Heartbrand ice cream, Heath, Hellmann’s, Herbal Essences haircare products, Herradura Tequila, Hershey’s, Hewlett-Packard, Hi-C, Hidden Valley, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Hillshire Farm, Hilton Garden Inn, Hoegaarden, Holiday Inn, Hollister, Home Depot, HomeGoods, Home Shopping Network, Honest Tea, Honey Maid, Hornbacher’s, Hot Wheels,, Hotmail, Hotwire, House of Blues, HSBC, Huggies, Hunt’s [ketchup], Husky, Hyatt Hotels,
I can’t believe it’s not butter, Iams, IBM, Icebreakers, IMDb, Imodium, InStyle [magazine], Intel, Intuit, Irish Spring, Ivory soap,
Jack Daniels, JC Penney, Jeep, Jell-O, Jet Blue Airways, Jiffy Lube, Jiffy Pop, Jimmy Dean, John Hancock, Johnnie Walker, Johnson & Johnson [including all the medical devices they make], Jolly Rancher, Jose Cuervo, Joy dishwashing liquid,
Kaiser Permanente, KC Masterpiece, Keebler, Kellogg’s, Kenmore, Ketel One, Kevlar, Key Bank, Keystone, Killian’s Irish red, Kimberly-Clark brands, Kirin, Kit Kat, KitchenAid, Kix, Kleenex, Klondike bars, Kmart, Knights Inn, Knorr, Kodak, Kool-Aid, Korbel, Kotex, Kraft, Kroger,
Lactaid, Lamborghini, Land O’Lakes, Lawry’s, Lay’s, Leffe, Leinenkugel’s, Levi, Lexus, Life [cereal], The Limited, Lipton, Liquid Plumr, Listerine, Little Swimmers, Longhorn Steakhouse, Lubriderm, Lucky Charms, Lunchables, Luvs disposable diapers, Lux soap,
Maalox, Macaroni Grill, Macy’s, Maggiano’s Little Italy, Magic Chef, Magnum ice cream bars, Marie Callender’s, Marmite [hear the anti-LGBT Aussies and Kiwis wail], Marriott International, Mars Inc., Marshall’s, MasterCard, Matchbox [the toy cars], Mattel, Mauna Loa, Maxwell House, Maytag, McAfee, McDonald’s, Mc-Graw Hill Publishing, Mello Yello, Memorex, Merck, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Metamucil bulk fiber supplement, MetLife, MGM Resorts International, Michelob, Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microtel Inn & Suites, Midol, Miller, Milwaukee’s Best, Mini-Wheats,, Minute Maid, Miracle Whip, Molson, Money [magazine], Monistat, Monsanto, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar Farms, Motorola, Motrin, Mounds, Mountain Dew, Mr. Clean house-hold cleaning products, Mug Root Beer, Muir Glen, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Mylanta,
Nabisco, Naked Juices, Nationwide Insurance, Natural Ice, Nature Valley, Neosporin, Nestea, The New York Times, Newtons [like Fig Newtons], Neutrogena, Nexcare, Nice! Brands, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Nike, Nilla Wafers, No-Doz, Norton, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp., Nutri-Grain, Nutter Butter,
O’Douls, Odwalla, OFF! [bugspray], Office Center, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Olay, Old El Paso, Old Spice, Olive Garden, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, One-A-Day vitamins, One Touch [the diabetes testing equipment], Oral-B, Orbitz, Oreo, Orville Redenbacher’s, Oscar Mayer, Oust,, Owens Corning,
Pace Salsa, Palmolive, Pam [cooking spray], Pampers, Pantene, Park Inn, Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, Pasta Roni, Payday [candy bar], PayPal, Pedialyte, PediaSure, Pennzoil, People [magazine], Pepcid, Pepperidge Farm, Pepsi, Pepto-Bismol, Peter Pan peanut butter, Pfizer, Philadelphia Cheese, Photoshop, Pictionary, Pillsbury, Pine-Sol, Planters Peanuts, Playstation, Pledge, Poise, Polly Pocket, Pop Secret, Popsicle, Pop-Tarts, Poppycock, Post-it, Pottery Barn, Powerade, Power Wheels, Prego, Premium Saltine Crackers, Preparation H, Pringles, Proctor and Gamble, Progressive, Progresso, Propel, Prudential, Puffs tissues, Pull-Ups, Purell,
Q-Tips brand cotton swabs, Quaker Oats, Quaker State, Quality [hotels], QuickBooks, Quicken, Qwest,
Radisson Hotels & Resorts, Ragu, Raid, Rain-X, Ramada, REACH [the dental floss], Red Lobster, Red Rose Tea, Red Stripe, Reese’s, Regent Hotels & Resorts, Rembrandt toothpaste, Renaissance Hotels, ReNu, Residence Inn, Rice Krispies, Rice-A-Roni, Rite Aid, Ritz [crackers], The Ritz-Carlton [hotel], Robitussin, Rodeway Inn, Rogaine, Rold Gold, Rolling Rock, Rolo, Roundup, Royal Carribbean Cruises, Rubbermaid, Ruffles,
Safari [web browser], Safeguard soaps, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Sara Lee, Saran, Save-A-Lot, Science Diet, Scion, Scoop Away [cat litter], Scope mouthwash, Scotch [tape], Scotch-Brite, Scotchguard, Scott, Scrubbing Bubbles, Sears, Seasons 52, Seattle’s Best Coffee, SeaWorld, Secret deodorant and body sprays, SeniorMed LLC, Sensodyne, Shell Oil, Sheraton,, Shop ‘n Save,, Shout, Sierra Trading Post, Simply Orange, Skippy Peanut Butter, Silly Putty, Skype, Sleep Inn, Slim Fast, Slim Jim, Smirnoff, Smith’s Dairy, Smartwater, Snapfish, SoBe, Sodexo [the people who do stadium concessions], Softsoap, Sonoma-Cutrer California Wines, Sony, S.O.S., South Beach Living, Southern Comfort, Southwest Airlines, Speedstick, Splenda, Sports Illustrated, SpringHill Suites, Sprint, St. Ives hand and body care, Staples, Starbucks, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, State Farm insurance, Staybridge Suites, Stella Artois, Sterling Vineyards, Stove Top stuffing, STP [the gasoline additive], Suave, Subaru, Sudafed, Sun dishwashing detergent, SunChips, Sun-Maid [raisins], SunTrust, Super 8 Motel, Sustainable Earth, Swanson, Swiffer cleaning products, Symantec,
T Mobile, Tampax feminine care products, Tang, Target, Tazo Teas, Teen Spirit, Teflon, Terra Chips, Texas Instruments, TGI Friday’s, Theraflu, Thrifty Car Rental, Tide [laundry detergent], Tiffany & Co., Tigi shampoo and conditioner, Time Magazine, Time Warner, TJ Maxx, Toblerone, Tombstone Pizza, Tom’s of Maine, Torrefazione Italia Coffee, Tostitos, Total, Totino’s, Town House, Toyota, Travelocity, Travelodge, TRESemmé, Trident, Trip Advisor, Triscuit, Trix, Tropicana, Tuaca Liqueur, Tums, TurboTax, Turkey Hill, Twizzlers, Tyco Electric Racing, Tylenol, Tyvek,
Unilever brands, United Airlines, Universal Parks and Resorts, UNO [the card game], UPS,
V8, Valpak, Vaseline, Velveeta, Venus, Viacom, Vick’s Vapo-rub, Victoria’s Secret, Virgin America, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Visine, Vitaminwater, Viva, VO5 hair care, Volkswagen,
Walgreens, Wal-mart, Walt Disney, Wanchai Ferry, Wasserman Media Group, Waste Management, Wells Fargo, Wesson cooking oil, Westin [hotels], Wheat Thins, Wheatables, Wheaties, Whirlpool, White Barn Candle Company, Whole Foods, Wishbone salad dressing, Woodford Reserve, Wyndham,
Xbox, Xerox Corporation, XtremeMac,
Yahoo, Yoplait, York peppermint patties, YouTube,
Zantac,, Zest, Ziploc, Zynga, Inc., Zyrtec
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Aquarius Casino Laughlin NV, Standard Room video - YouTube Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana Les Restaurants.wmv Laughlin Buffet Last Holyday - table for one.avi - YouTube Look at one Laughlin Nevada the effect of the Cronavirus A Taste Of Laughlin - YouTube Avi Resort & Casino - Laughlin Hotels, Nevada Aquarius Casino Resort Laughlin Nevada - YouTube AVI RESORT AND CASINO, LAUGHLIN, NEVADA - YouTube Hitman killing Mr. Price.avi - YouTube

AVI RESORT & CASINO in Laughlin located at 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy. Save big with exclusive deals and discounts. Book online or call now. My RClub Account. Log In. 855-516-1090. Reservations Have questions or need additional help? Please access our Customer Support Portal. Avi Resort & Casino. 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy , Laughlin, Nevada 89028; 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy , Laughlin, Nevada ... Avi Resort & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada — We have it all on the Colorado River. Come play, win, dine and stay today! BOOK A STAY GET DIRECTIONS AVI REWARDS. Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Spirit Mountain OFFICIALLY REOPENS Monday, November 16! Click here for additional details . Accommodations Casino Promotions ... Avi Resort & Casino: Casino and restaurant - See 2,054 traveler reviews, 388 candid photos, and great deals for Avi Resort & Casino at Tripadvisor. Stay at this 3.5-star beach hotel in Laughlin. Enjoy free WiFi, free parking, and an outdoor pool. Our guests praise the pool and the helpful staff in our reviews. Popular attractions Avi Casino and Kids Quest are located nearby. Discover genuine guest reviews for Avi Resort & Casino along with the latest prices and availability – book now. Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Spirit Mountain OFFICIALLY REOPENS Monday, November 16! Click here for additional details. BOOK A STAY 1.800.AVI.2.WIN GET DIRECTIONS AVI REWARDS. Moonshadow Grille. Moonshadow Grille. Dining . Currently Feathers Café is Temporarily Closed. However for a little snack, quick bite or a ... Restaurants near Avi Casino 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy, Laughlin, NV 89029-1522. Read Reviews of Avi Casino. The Moonshadow Grille #31 of 73 Restaurants in Laughlin 56 reviews. 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy . 0.1 miles from Avi Casino “Very good food, service, ambie...” 06/06/2019 “A nice surprise at Avi Resort” 06/04/2019; Cuisines: American, Steakhouse, Seafood. Panda Express #53 of 73 Restaurants ... Avi Resort and Casino NOW OPEN with updated hours and safety protocols. Click here for additional details. Spirit Mountain OFFICIALLY REOPENS Monday, November 16! Click here for additional details. BOOK A STAY 1.800.AVI.2.WIN GET DIRECTIONS AVI REWARDS. Feathers Café . Feathers Café is temporarily closed. Gather with friends or family at this casual hot-spot. Have a satisfying breakfast or ... Restaurants near Avi Resort & Casino 10000 Aha Macav Pkwy, Laughlin, NV 89029-1522. Read Reviews of Avi Resort & Casino. Sbarro. Be the first to review this restaurant . 10,000 Aha Macav Pkwy . 0 miles from Avi Resort & Casino. Subway. Be the first to review this restaurant . 10000 Aha Macav Drive . 0 miles from Avi Resort & Casino. The Moonshadow Grille #32 of 73 Restaurants in Laughlin 56 ...

[index] [23980] [24522] [2541] [21723] [5685] [14951] [12201] [19517] [21250] [15073]

Aquarius Casino Laughlin NV, Standard Room video - YouTube

Harrah's Laughlin MIDWEEK Buffet Full Walkthrough: MUST-SEE BEFORE YOU GO from - Duration: 11:42. Jules at top-buffet 9,130 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It's all about the food! Check out some of Laughlin's tasty bites. Colorado Belle River Boat Casino Laughlin, Nevada Abandoned Restaurant Ghost Town Tour - Duration: 16:25. ... AVI Hotel Casino Resort - RV Park - Free Camping - Laughlin Nevada - Duration: 17 ... One more killing vid of HITMAN.....j=njy all..... Video from the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin Nevada. It includes a look at their standard California Tower room. Their rooms offer great views of the ri... Avi Resort & Casino 3 Stars Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada Within US Travel Directory One of our bestsellers in Laughlin! An on-site movie theatre, spa and private beach strip are featured at this resort. In this video I show the Aquarius Resort and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. The resort sits along the Colorado river and makes for great views, as you can see ... Un apperçu des restaurants et menus. REPUBLICA DOMINICANA, RESTAURANTE ZEN DEL HOTEL HARD ROCK & CASINO PUNTA CANA - Duration: 6:34. MRFARELLANO Fabián Arellano 16,065 views Hotel Video Showcase video of the Avi Resort and Casino, really fun hotel and casino right on the Colorado river so lots of water sports, large lagoon pool, ...